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Welcome to!

Welcome to my (metaphorical) corner of the internet! Here you can find links and sub-sites for all the random stuff I put out on this wild internet thing. There are games, videos, and more so please enjoy!

Clicker Joe

Right now you can explore the Clicker Joe sub-site! You can even play the game completely for free by heading on over there! Have fun!

The Troll Toll

You can also find the sub-site for The Troll Toll! This is an in developement game, about a knight refusing to pay the troll's toll.


Miscellaneous is the place to find random stuff, such as my YouTube Channel where you can find comedic and occasionaly imformative videos!


Come Back later for new updates! You never know what could end up showing up! It could be a unicorn, it could be a frog it could be anything!