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What is Clicker Joe?

Clicker Joe is a revolution in the modern era of gaming. With it's revolutionary graphics, gameplay, and sound, it's hard to put down. Clicker Joe features incredibly addictive and not at all psychologically manipulative number increasing clicker gameplay. The game makes numbers go up just like the great idle games before it and those numbers aren't going to stop anytime soon. The game has been developed by Paxsman and features the ability to click on buttons to make numbers go up. That's really it when you get right down to the nitty gritty of it. Numbers... they go up! It's the core of any good clicker game and Clicker Joe is no exception. With revolutionary items to purchase like Hats, Pies, and Crocodiles you'll never get bored. And those are only 3 of the many items that will come with the games frequent content updates. The game also features a revolutionary save feature which not only allows the player to save by pressing the SAVE button but also automatically saves every minute! Clicker Joe began development in a clicker game war. The Legendary Beebalo said "Yo yo yo, check out my webside! I got a gray background!" The Clicker Joe development staff shot back with the addition of buttons. The legendary opponent Beebalo fell but Clicker Joe lived on.

Clicker Joe Character Guide

Character Most Favorite Item Least Favorite Item
Clicker Joe CROCODILES!!!
Clicker Mom Pie Hat
Crocodile Crocodoll Alligator
Alligator Allidoll Crocodile